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CAD GXLD2QM Digital Frequency Agile Dual Handheld Wireless System

Pro-quality wireless mic for hassle-free studio-grade audio.

The GXLD2QM from CAD is a Digital Frequency Agile Dual Handheld Wireless System designed for quick and easy use in a variety of applications. The QuickMic receiver design utilizes an integrated 1/4” jack which can be simply plugged into an open channel on your mixer for immediate high quality audio. Transmitters are outfitted with CADLive style capsules, an on/off mute button and a battery life indicator as well as USB and 3.5mm TRS adapters.


  • Digital high-definition audio
  • Frequency agile design
  • Dual handheld system
  • QuickMic connection to your mixing board via integrated 1/4" jack 
  • QuickMic is supplied with USB and TRS 3.5 mm adapters for added flexibility
  • Handheld transmitters feature the CADLive Style Neodymium capsules
  • Handheld transmitters and receiver feature low battery indicators
  • Handheld transmitters utilize AA batteries with > 8 hrs. of operation
  • Two-year manufacturer's warranty


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